Prototype for network version of SQLite

28.05.2004, Alex K.

SQLite Quick: Delphi Classes for SQLite

SQLite is a free SQL Database programmed in C. See the Hompage for details

Some code (how to use dll) was taken from the

The main idea was to provide fast wrapper classes using the sqlite data structures to store the data.

SQLite provides two methods of retrieving data. The hole table in one turn or callback's for every row.
Both methods were wrapped as classes, based on a common interface (row-based). They can be connected to a database(the third wrapper class)

This package contains :

SQlite_Quick.pas: Delphi Wrapper for sqlite
SQlite_DateTimeFunctions.pas: Date/Time and other Functions for sqlite
SQlite_Browser.exe : Browser for sqlite tables
BestStringGrid.pas : Source for improved StringGrid (real multiselect)

sqlite.dll : library compiled with borland bcc
sqlite_test.pas : source for SQlite_Browser (=example of using files above)
table_edit.pas : "

Project File and Formular Files needed to compile with Delphi 7

Download (484 kb) Last Updated 31.03.2004

Download sqlite.dll (160 kb) Version 2.8.6 compiled with borland bcb. Compatible only with this wrappers, because of prefix "_" in dll functions